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Jubilee Celebration Decorated House & Royal Scarecrow Competition
winners & runners up

We Live Here-Haxey and Haxey Parish Council would like to thank the residents and businesses of the parish for the amazing displays of bunting and red white and blue that has appeared over the last week.  Our parish looks wonderful for the Jubilee celebrations taking place.


We would also like to say a special thank you to those that entered the decorated house and scarecrow competitions. We had a hard job judging as your displays and scarecrows were of such a high standard.  We would encourage all to view them if you have the opportunity over the weekend.  The winners and locations are detailed below:


Decorated House:

WINNER: Denise Jackson - 16 Hopgarth - Haxey

RUNNER UP: Andrea Rowbotham - 77 Haxey Lane, Haxey

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Claire Thorpe - The Thorpes, The Nooking, Haxey & Gabrielle Taylor and Jonathan Martin - Gravel Hole Mere, Blackmoor Lane, Haxey



WINNER: Jane Kelsey - 16 Low Street, Haxey

RUNNER UP: Marie Marsden - South View, Low Hall Road, East Lound

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Rev Mark Zammit - The Vicarage, Church Street, Haxey; Andrea Rowbotham - 77 Haxey Lane, Haxey; Denise Jackson - 16 Hopgarth, Haxey; Gabrielle Taylor and Jonathan Martin - Gravel Hole Mere, Blackmoor Lane, Haxey; Lyn Dobson - 2 Ash Tree Drive, Haxey; Hazel Krco - 3 Cove Road, Westwoodside and last, but certainly not least, David Whitehead and Sandra 


Thank you all once again for your efforts.

Who Are We

Thanks to the team  for starting to make

Haxey ready for the Jubilee!


A special commendation to Rob Wislon & his team

Entries in the Haxey Parish Jubilee Royal Scarecrow competition.

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