We are a community group, formed in Haxey North Lincolnshire, our objectives are:

  • Safeguard community assets for the benefit of residents, businesses and visitors to the village

  • Raise funds to enable the aim to be delivered

  • Invest and re-invest  back into the village community

  • To create a Community Interest Company to manage community assets

  • To preserve and promote heritage and especifically the tradition of the Haxey Hood 


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A good spirited 'not for profit' community group, just trying to protect rural community assets from disappearing from our Haxey Parish villages. Thus raising awareness of public assets under threat, supporting fundraising events, and trying to attract good honest folk who have a common goal to preserve our heritage that benefit residents and visitors alike and to encourage a sense of well-being and togetherness in our much loved Haxey in the Isle of Axholme.    

!!No Haxey Hood in 2021!!

Such a shame, but under current circumstances it was inevitable, the last time this happened was 1915 - 1919, restarting in 1920, it did continue through World War 2.


We look forward even more  to 2022!

Here are two reports from relevant

Epeworth Bells, they were brief!




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We're  making progress with the Christmas lights.

Big THANKS to those helping out this weekend(14/15 Nov) installing Christmas LED lighting on public buildings in Haxey village. The Loco, Kings Arms, Greenhill Stores and Haxey Methodist Chapel all completed. Mowbray's cafe, Memorial Hall & Youth hub completed 2019.


Still not quite finished yet as hoping Co-op store will be done before 2020 festive period begins. Anything to brighten up this rotten year we are all enduring.


Special mentions to Johnny Martin & Gabby Taylor for coming at short notice with their cherry picker chariot, and to Bill Cunningham, Dave Dawes, Darren Dawes, Andrea and Ian Rowbotham. Also praise to everyone behind the scenes involved with Welivehere-Haxey Group, and those few individuals who have given their freetime and money to this scheme of lighting up Haxey Village for Christmas. From Andrea's plants sales and a Kings Arms collection pot to continued support from Haxey Hood fund. Thank you all

The trees's gone up!!

A top team of tree erectors & technical advisors helped outside the Memorial Hall, many thanks to Becky Bland for the tree, & helpers David Dawes, John Cooper, Richard Farr, Pete Kuchnir, Rod Lightfoot, Andy Matthew & Michael Saville.

!!New planning application submitted for the Duke William!!

Planning permission for the conversion of the public house to residential use and to erect 6 dwellings (including demolition of an existing side extension to the Duke William and rear chalets)

Application here: https://apps.northlincs.gov.uk/application/pa-2020-1354


 Here is the WLH-H objection to the application:



Objections had to be submitted by the 22 October.

We are now in the hands of North LIncs Council Planning officers &

Planning Committee.


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These are the group's current, three main priorities.


Haxey Christmas Lights

We are planning to increase last years Haxey Christmas lights display on the following buildings (subject to owners consent),

Kings Arms on Low St, Haxey, Methodist Chapel Low St, Co-op Supermarket High St and the Loco on Church St. The tree that is displayed at the front of the memorial hall will also have new updated lighting added.  

This years ambitions have had to be cut back due to the lack of fund raising opportunities during the Corona Virus Pandemic. However, next year will hopefully see the Hair Salon on Low St, Greenhill Stores, Barbers Shop and the Greenhill added to the display. With further additions the year after.

Mere Letting/Townsmen

The old tradition of Mere Letting in Haxey  stopped a few years ago, along with Haxey Parish Council we are working to restart this old tradition, which seems to have ended about 10 or 11 years ago, although the tradition continues in Westwoodside. We have had several meetings with landowners & many interested parties and have now identified the majority of the Haxey Meres. Again due to Covid restrictions, we have been restrained over the last 6 months, Our aim is to restart this old tradition on Easter Monday, 5th April 2021, at a venue to be arranged.






Haxey Hood Archive digitization

With the help of the country's leading folklorist Doc Rowe, who has been visiting the Hood since the 1970's, we want digitize & have a permanent display of some of his Haxey Hood collection, somewhere in the village, to enable visitors to fully appreciate the heritage & importance of the game, this is a long term project and we now have enough information  to proceed with a grant application

Link for Haxey Parish Council

Click on logo for Haxey Parish Council website


VJ Day Rememberance 15 Aug 2:47 PM

Samantha Cooke was the bugler, right, played the Last Post & Reveille, followed by Kate Billmore who played "Battles Oer"

Pipes & trumpet on the Greenhill for VE Day celebrations 8 May. 

IMG-20200508-WA0004 (1).jpg

Some members of the We Live Here- Haxey group along with the help of Haxey resident Pete Kuchnir purchased flags for St Georges Day & to fly support from the residents of Haxey for the brilliant NHS staff

Information you may find useful during theses strange times

**Stay Safe Everyone**


The  Haxey Hood  2021 takes place on Wednesday 6 January

                      The Kings                                                The Loco                                          The Carpenters Arms

2020 the Hood returned to the Kings, where will be its home next year?


The first of our Christmas lights


The pub should be the centre or hub of community life and can also provide essential services beyond the usual drinks, food or entertainment. We are a not for profit organisation of specialist advisors for communities and licensees who are thinking of broadening their range of services.  

We encourage communities, licensees, pub owners, breweries and the private sector to work together to match community priority needs with additional services which can be provided by the local pub and a good licensee.

This space could advertise your business

Contact: secretary@welivehere-haxey.group for more details.





The Fools Speech

@ the Haxey Hood