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Haxey - Heritage in the Isle of Axholme

We are a community group, formed in Haxey North Lincolnshire, our objectives are:

  • Safeguard community assets for the benefit of residents, businesses and visitors to the village

  • Raise funds to enable the aim to be delivered

  • Invest and re-invest  back into the village community

  • To create a Community Interest Company to manage community assets

  • To preserve and promote heritage and especifically the tradition of the Haxey Hood 


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Haxey Hood link

Home of the famous Haxey Hood


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Haxey Hood site


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Hood 2023 gallery


For the future, a dedicated exhibition space/ multimedia display area for the Parish of Haxey, with special emphasis on the Haxey Hood.

"A good spirited 'not for profit' community group, just trying to protect rural community assets from disappearing from our Haxey Parish villages. Thus raising awareness of public assets under threat, supporting fundraising events, and trying to attract good honest folk who have a common goal to preserve our heritage that benefit residents and visitors alike and to encourage a sense of well-being and togetherness in our much loved Haxey in the Isle of Axholme."    

Our 2nd Christmas Lights Switch On & Illumintaed Tractor Run 
**Thank you Haxey for your tremendous support**

(Despite the freezing weather)

Mere Lettings 2023, 10 April, The Loco.




Haxey Hood Archive digitization

Heritage/Exhibition space

With the help of the country's leading folklorist Doc Rowe, who has been visiting the Hood since the 1970's, we want digitize & have a permanent display of some of his Haxey Hood collection, along with other locally sourced material. Since visiting Doc in the past few weeks and getting his co-operation to copy his video/film collection the project has taken a new turn.



Haxey Parish Heritage has been formed as a stand alone committee, supported by Haxey Parish Council with it's own constitution and is in the process of applying for charitable status with the Charity Commissioners. We have agreed, in principle, with the Haxey Memorial Hall committee to rent the Hood Room to use on a permanent basis, in the future, as the exhibition space. Meetings are to go ahead with North Lincolnshire Council's Museum Service, for advice as to how the limited space can be used to it's best advantage    & take the project forward.


The Fools Speech

@ the Haxey Hood

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