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We are a community group, formed in Haxey North Lincolnshire, our objectives are:

  • Safeguard community assets for the benefit of residents, businesses and visitors to the village

  • Raise funds to enable the aim to be delivered

  • Invest and re-invest  back into the village community

  • To create a Community Interest Company to manage community assets

  • To preserve and promote heritage and especifically the tradition of the Haxey Hood 


Haxey - Heritage in the Isle of Axholme

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Haxey Hood link

Home of the famous Haxey Hood


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Haxey Hood site


Lights switch on & Illuminated Tractor Run, 3 December

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A terrific effort from everyone involved, well done organising team! Thanks for the public's huge support despite the weather!


Christmas Tree delivered to the Memorial Hall  (27 Nov)
Many thanks to John Cooper & Mick Saville


Winter 2022 Newsletter

A good spirited 'not for profit' community group, just trying to protect rural community assets from disappearing from our Haxey Parish villages. Thus raising awareness of public assets under threat, supporting fundraising events, and trying to attract good honest folk who have a common goal to preserve our heritage that benefit residents and visitors alike and to encourage a sense of well-being and togetherness in our much loved Haxey in the Isle of Axholme.    


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Top 3 Prizes in our Grand Christmas Draw

£5 per book of 5 Tickets.

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Haxey Hood Archive digitization

Heritage/Exhibition space

With the help of the country's leading folklorist Doc Rowe, who has been visiting the Hood since the 1970's, we want digitize & have a permanent display of some of his Haxey Hood collection, along with other locally sourced material. Since visiting Doc in the past few weeks and getting his co-operation to copy his video/film collection the project has taken a new turn.

Haxey Parish Heritage has been formed as a stand alone committee, supported by Haxey Parish Council with it's own constitution and is in the process of applying for charitable status with the Charity Commissioners. We have agreed, in principle, with the Haxey Memorial Hall committee to rent the Hood Room to use on a permanent basis, in the future, as the exhibition space. Meetings are to go ahead with North Lincolnshire Council's Museum Service, for advice as to how the limited space can be used to it's best advantage.


Jubilee Celebration Decorated House & Royal Scarecrow Competition
winners & runners up

We Live Here-Haxey and Haxey Parish Council would like to thank the residents and businesses of the parish for the amazing displays of bunting and red white and blue that has appeared over the last week.  Our parish looks wonderful for the Jubilee celebrations taking place.


We would also like to say a special thank you to those that entered the decorated house and scarecrow competitions. We had a hard job judging as your displays and scarecrows were of such a high standard.  We would encourage all to view them if you have the opportunity over the weekend.  The winners and locations are detailed below:


Decorated House:

WINNER: Denise Jackson - 16 Hopgarth - Haxey

RUNNER UP: Andrea Rowbotham - 77 Haxey Lane, Haxey

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Claire Thorpe - The Thorpes, The Nooking, Haxey & Gabrielle Taylor and Jonathan Martin - Gravel Hole Mere, Blackmoor Lane, Haxey



WINNER: Jane Kelsey - 16 Low Street, Haxey

RUNNER UP: Marie Marsden - South View, Low Hall Road, East Lound

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Rev Mark Zammit - The Vicarage, Church Street, Haxey; Andrea Rowbotham - 77 Haxey Lane, Haxey; Denise Jackson - 16 Hopgarth, Haxey; Gabrielle Taylor and Jonathan Martin - Gravel Hole Mere, Blackmoor Lane, Haxey; Lyn Dobson - 2 Ash Tree Drive, Haxey; Hazel Krco - 3 Cove Road, Westwoodside and last, but certainly not least, David Whitehead and Sandra 


Thank you all once again for your efforts.


Thanks to the team  for starting to make

Haxey ready for the Jubilee!


A special commendation to Rob Wislon & his team

Entries in the Haxey Parish Jubilee Royal Scarecrow competition.

Thanks to a generous grant from Haxey Parish Council the Christmas lights were converted to red white & blue & extended up Church Street to include Nicholas House for the Bank Holiday

                                !!Duke William Latest!!
                 Planning Inspector overturns the refusal of                                                   planning permission
PA/2020/1354, dated 27 August 2020, refused by North Lincolnshire Council, the appeal has been allowed for  6 two storey houses and the change of use of the public house to a residential property.
                               We wait with interest to see what happens now.

Old Haxey tradition revived





After being in abeyance since 2011, the old tradition of electing the Haxey Townsmen & the letting of the meres  took place again on Easter Monday.

The meres appear to be left over parts of what was common land before enclosure in the late 18C. Unlike the Parish land, they have been managed by local people known as Mere Men (often referred to as Townsmen) and now Mere Women. The mere persons are elected informally from anyone who attends mere lettings, they manage the letting and general running of the meres until a meeting elects someone new. 
The Meres are often small and have footpaths upon them leaving them having no farming value; some are bigger and have some financial value and can be used in a small-scale way.

The Haxey Townsmen are elected annually, while at Westwoodside, where the  tradition has continued, they are elected every three years, and the letting is carried out by the traditional bidding by the pin & candle method, the first mere letting took place in the 1830’s.This year's event took place in the Kings.



Click thumbnail for Townsmen/Mere letting in the Duke William 1995